Werever's Big Green Egg Cabinet relies upon hardware-free joints. This is a unique manufacturing process that we perfected years ago.

Other entrants in the outdoor cabinet industry use cam bolts, or welded joints.

Field tests conducted by Werever have shown us that the hardware free joint is the longest lasting and strongest joint.


In business since 2001, Werever Products has the longest track record in the outdoor cabinet industry.

With satisfied customers in every state in the USA, including Alaska and Hawaii, our time-tested construction methods have been proven in every climate imaginable.

Shop with confidence knowing our outdoor cabinetry will stand the test of time.

Outdoor Cabinet Construction

Hardware Free Joint
Werever's Proprietary Joint - Strongest in the Industry

Our hardware-free joint is locked in place. This allows the joint to flex, yet hold strong as cabinetry is rolled over uneven surfaces. Plus, with no other materials of different density introduced into the joint, expansion and contraction caused by outdoor temperature changes occurs at the same rate, allowing the joint to move together as one piece.

Cam Bolt Joint
Competitor Cabinet

This is an actual picture of a competitor's cabinet. While their cabinet may look similar from a distance, this joint is not as strong. As the cabinet is exposed to temperature changes outdoors, the material will expand and contract, loosening the joint. Plus, the joint is only secured at points compared to the continuous strength of our hardware-free joint.

Welded Joint
Product Trial - Werever Products Inc.

Another fabrication technique for HDPE sheets is to weld joints. This technique is not new, and is an acceptible technique for some applications, but it is not the best way to construct a movable cabinet. This picture is of a three year test conducted by Werever Products of a welded joint. Initially, the weld held strong, but as the cabinet was tested outside, exposed to temperature changes, and the cabinet was moved periodically, the weld broke. Werever does NOT build cabinetry with welded joints. Werever abandoned welding of cabinetry years ago.