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Grill not included.

Storage Cabinet

storage cabinet Fits an entire bag of lump charcoal and still has extra room.

Accessory Hooks

accessory hooks Hang your grill tools or grocery bags.


Casters are hidden beneath the furniture base.

Cutting Boards

cutting board
Removable washable HDPE cutting boards are FDA approved.

Spice Rack

spice rack
The removable spice rack keeps ingredients within easy reach.

Paper Towel Holder

paper towel
The handy paper towel holder helps keep your area clean and tidy.

Trash Chute

trash chute
Hang a plastic grocery bag for a convenient trash chute.

Big Green Egg Cart $1999

Big Green Egg Table
This movable Big Green Egg cart can be ordered to hold either a medium or large Big Green Egg.

Completely Weatherproof

Constructed from marine grade polymer, this cabinet is can be completely soaked with water and will not swell mildew, or absorb moisture

Everything Included

All of these great accessories are included with the price.

(Please note: The grill tools and knives shown in photo are not included with the cabient. The cutting boards, spice rack, hooks, and towel holder are included.)